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Cannabis seeds

We offer only the best cannabis seeds that are fresh and authentic from the source. The selection of fresh genetics available to ensure the best germination rates possible, 100 %.

Although seeds can be germinated in many ways, but we suggest planting them directly in soil. The seed has enough nutrition within itself to break the outer shell and grow its first set of leaves. Growing cannabis from seed is an easy task! But people that take it more seriously and understand the plants requirements, inevitably grow better dank.

Fast flowering seeds like auto-flowering cannabis seeds could be a good answer. For instance, if you want to turn a quick harvest or have planted late in the season, look at auto’s. You could be harvesting from seed-to-flower in under 10 weeks. Although this is a quick turnaround time you may also want to look at guaranteed feminized auto seeds.  Regular seeds are for growers that do not mind having the chance of producing males. Consequently you will spend the time removing them their gardens but have a better quality genetic to start and breed with.

We pride ourselves with customer service and you will get answers to any of the questions you may have. Our cannabis seeds are sold as collectible items and we cannot offer you cultivation advice, however we have published many articles that will give you guidance in growing cannabis.

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