Durban Poison


Durban is grown widely in the hills close to the South African port of the same name which is Africa’s biggest. This explains why it is so well known across the cannabis smoking world as this “dagga”, called Durban Poison locally, was exported in ships sailing here, there and everywhere.

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Durban is a very stable, reliable, early-flowering outdoor strain that is very easy-to-grow. It is a 90% sativa plant that originated in South Africa. It is resistant to inclement weather conditions and will still produce buds with solidity and an uplifting, cerebral high.

Unlike tropical sativas Durban is robust with strong branches and lacks the sensitivity to conditions that its long-flowering equatorial cousins display.

It can grow quite tall – 200 cm. is not exceptional, and it also does well indoors although it has been acclimatised to outdoor cultivation in northern European summers. Flowering can take between 50 – 70 days indoors; outdoors harvest will be towards the end of September. Buds are sparkling with resin crystals and have a lemon and aniseed flavour. The effect comes on very quickly and is powerful, cerebral and uplifting. Those who over-indulge beyond their normal level may well experience a dream-like state but one which is not physically debilitating.

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10 Seeds



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Flowering Time

9 Weeks

Harvest Month

End September

Taste / Flavour

Lemon, Spicy / Herbal


Cerebral, Powerful, Uplifting

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