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Best Cannabis Packaging Tips

For years, cannabis packaging has been limited to brown paper bags or plastic containers. This is all changing as the industry evolves and matures. With legalization happening across North America, companies can now invest in high-quality packaging for their products. The best way to stand out on store shelves is with professional-looking cannabis packaging that will make your product look luxurious and appealing.

Here are some tips for designing top-quality cannabis packaging!

Choose a packaging design that is unique and memorable

While it’s important to have a functional design for marijuana pouches, many companies out there rely on creativity and uniqueness. The more memorable your packaging is, the easier it will be for consumers to remember where they saw it! A great way to make your brand stand out from competitors is by creating something new or unique in shape, size, color, texture or material. Suppose you don’t want people stealing designs off the internet. In that case, we highly recommend designing with cannabis-exclusive software such as Canva’s free template library, which lets users upload their images when needed.

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Including relevant information about how to use/consume products can also help set brands apart from one another. It’s important to ensure that packaging for dried flower products has a child-resistant closure to comply with the new Mature Audience Act

Make sure your cannabis products have the right labels, including ingredients, warnings, and instructions

Although cannabis packaging is becoming more regulated across North America, it’s still important to be as transparent and honest with consumers about what is in your products. Educating people on the effects of each product will help them make an informed decision when purchasing. Ingredients labels are a great way to show this information without getting too wordy or technical because they allow for quick scanning by consumers looking for specific ingredients. Warnings like “Not For Use By Anyone Under 21 Years Of Age” are also imperative so that there’s no confusion from those who may think minors can consume these products. Instructions such as how much flower should go into a joint would also be helpful on some packages! These small details help the consumer feel confident in their purchase.

The first thing that consumers will see when they pick up a product is the label, so make sure to take care of this area before anything else! The following section outlines what information you should include on your labels and improve customer experience.

Packaging should be tamper-evident to protect against product tampering or theft

Packaging should be tamper-evident to protect against product tampering or theft. Tamper evident labels are an important part of this because they provide clear instructions on how a person can verify that the package has not been opened and, therefore, is safe for consumption. This type of packaging will make it so people cannot put their cannabis into your container! As well as these security measures, packages should have warnings about what may happen if you consume them without following proper safety procedures like dosage guidelines and contact details if there are any adverse reactions.

Label all cannabis products with a weight in grams (g) for accurate dosing

You should always label all cannabis products with a weight in grams (g) for accurate dosing. Although the standard measurement is an eighth, it’s not uncommon to encounter different measurements such as quarter ounce, 16th of an ounce or half ounces. It can be difficult to tell how much you’re ingesting based on size alone unless labels identify quantities and weights. Be sure that your dispensary has clear labeling so that everyone knows what they’re getting before they buy it!

Ensure that all of your packages include a date of manufacture on the package  

-Manufacturing dates help ensure that the product is not expired.

-Date stamps are also a great way to keep track of when products were manufactured and shipped, so you can better protect your inventory from theft or loss.

If there’s no date on it, then I’m going to assume it’s fresh – especially if they’re selling out fast!* [I]n some areas, including California, for example, cannabis must be sold within one year of production.” This means that dispensaries will often have clear signs about their expiration dates prominently displayed in their shops. Please note: This information may vary depending on local laws and regulations. Here are ten tips every dispensary owner should know about packing up high-quality cannabis products with care.


In conclusion, there are many things to consider when packaging cannabis products. Date stamps, for example, should be included on the package to protect your inventory and provide consumers with information about freshness. Always make sure that you have enough supplies on hand, so all of your packages look their best at all times – this includes high-quality boxes or envelopes as well as vibrant labels and logos printed using a professional printer!

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