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The Amsterdam Seedshop remains one of the finest Seedbanks in the Netherlands and one of the oldest in Europe. With over 35 years’ experience in the production of highest quality Feminized and Regular seeds, Amsterdam Seed Shop team is one of the best cannabis cultivators in the globe. After so many years offline, following our pioneering of online cannabis Seed shops in 1990 – as listed by Wayback Machine in their database. We are back online, launching our superior product as the Original Team.

CRYSTALLIZED-FEMINIZEDBefore launching in 1985, Amsterdam Seedshop sent a team of experts to transverse the globe in search of cultivable Marijuana Laudrace Strain in the Netherlands, and ultimately our local garden. Since landrace strain is specific to a particular indigenous location, they were a product that had never been cross-bred. They were pure, with each plant highly similar to each other. Even though they were wholly Indica or completely Sativa, and were the only product available in the 1970s.

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Inside flowering: 7-8 weeks
Height: 70 – 90 cm
Yield: up to 400 gram

Outside flowering:
Height: 75 – 150 cm
Yield: up to 900 gram
Harvest: September – October

Landrace strain is, however, harder to come by these days. Luckily, they haven’t died out, thanks to our team of experts, who had cultivated the Heirloom strain in Europe, California, Hawaii, and also Africa. Due to our veteran experience in cannabis cultivation, we recognize how valuable landrace strain and heirloom strain are. Hence, at Amsterdam Seedshop, we still sell original strains from way back then, which is only available here.

Cannabis Seeds
Since there are different kinds of marijuana strains, Amsterdam Seedshop has continually prided itself in offering a good and stable high-quality cannabis like regular Euro Bud, whether they are strains such as Indica or Sativa; or products such as Marijuana Weed, Skunk, Bud, Chronic, Ganja, etc. to our different marijuana connoisseurs.

With all of our seeds grown organically, we offer a fair seed-packaging price, while abstaining from expensive Seedshop in town. We have kept it simple and classic for many years and have rightfully remained so. As the first and only original Amsterdam Seedshop, you only pay for quality Crystallized female cannabis seed.

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