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Top 5 Cannabis Strains

Top 5 cannabis strains that we have to offer. This is a difficult list to compile with so many cannabis strains available from reputable and reliable breeders from across the globe.

Cannabisseeds.co. has chosen these seeds because of their long history in cannabis cultivation and stable genetics in the cannabis community.

Marijuana Seeds Australia

white widow flower

White Widow is a balanced hybrid strain of Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa. White Widow is a cross between a Brazilian sativa strain and a resin-heavy South Indian indica. The buds are white colored, with a crystal resin.



Northern Lights

Northern Lights is probably the most famous indica strain in the world. It gained its notoriety due to its excellent properties being fast flowering, and high yielding with very compact, often rock-hard buds. Each bud is covered in resin giving the plants a distinctive odour of over-ripe fruit.


Northern LightsSuper Skunk is an Indica-dominant cannabis strain with potent body effects. Its parent, Skunk #1, is a reliable and legendary strain that first created Shiva Skunk. … Breeders are chasing the dream of a perfect Afghani genotype that matches Skunk #1.



Jack Herer Cannabis

Jack Herer is a celebrated cross of a Haze strain with a Red skunk, named after the legendary cannabis campaigner of the same name. It produces a potent, long lasting sativa high and calyxes with orangy/red hairs.




Chemdawg (or Chem Dog) is the rumored combination of OG Kush and Sour Diesel, which instantly makes it a crowd favorite among cannabis connoisseurs. This full-bodied hybrid is one of my personal favorites.