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Cannabis as a Remedy for Mood Issues: Recent Patients Statistical Analysis

A leading international supplier of data analysis tools, data-driven applications, and integrated services around the production chain of medicinal cannabis, has published the first study in a comprehensive series outlining patterns and insights contained inside the “Real-World Evidence Shows Patients Seeking Cannabis For Mood Disorders,”. (CB2 News, Toronto 15/01/2019 )

The study is based on the propensity of mood-based disorders in medical cannabis patients over four weeks. It offers a comparative analysis with other qualified critical conditions and types of diseases such as sleep, pain, appetite, and other related.

As per the analysis, news sources showed that the majority (34.77%) of clients requiring cannabis as a treatment (conditions such as anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic traumatic stress) reported for mood-related circumstances, accompanied by discomfort situations.

However, although medical cannabis or order weed online structures are in place for more than a quarter of the US states (33 plus Washington, DC), only 24 states list any mood-related illness as a qualified disease. Only PTSD is specified in all of those cases.

According to the report analysis, there was a close second (33.05 percent) for discomfort circumstances involving migraine headaches, severe pain, back pain, and trauma to the spinal cord after mood-based cases. 15.33 percent pursued cannabinoid care for sleep-related conditions, as per the analysis. Although most jurisdictions have accepted persistent and unsolvable pain as a qualifying disorder for cannabis use, the exhaustive majority list PTSD as the only qualifying mood-based disease, and two states do not authorize mood-base conditions to apply at all.

CB2 Analytics concentrates on integrating the assessment data divide within the medical cannabis sector via software and sales channels from the Company’s data analysis tools. More than 300,000 cannabis patient experiences globally have been completed by the Company’s sub-brands.

Method of Survey

Throughout four states and out of 16 assessment and education institutions operated by the affiliate of CB2 Insights, Canna Care Docs, patients were observed over 4 weeks. In the study, inside CB2’s medical cannabis testing and education centers, Canna Care Docs, CB2 Insights surveyed approximately 500 patients across several states. Both licensed physicians and educators see patients attending Canna Care Docs requiring thorough assessment and education programs to determine primary and secondary illnesses, signs, prior therapies, existing prescription, and several other data points used with the patient’s confidential recovery preparation.

CB2 Analytics aims to simplify the medical cannabis experience through the value chain across a suite of healthcare technology products and services, each targeting a specific niche, offered across three distinct brands. Sail provides a robust forum for cannabis-specific practice management and tools for data gathering across various nations. Cannabis Treatment Docs is a pioneering organization working in 12 jurisdictions for cannabis assessment and research. Canna Care Docs has served more than 265,000 patients trying to add cannabis into their medical plan.

Tokeln is the first app-based consumer satisfaction and engagement tool used among cannabis retailers in the industry. The parent brand, CB2 Information, works to develop data analysis tools focused on the managed input of data from each of its sub-brands, that are used to provide both its client base and the market at large with useful data.

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